Shakugan no Shana Original Soundtrack
Composition Kow Otani
Number of Tracks 25
Length 49:40
Release Date January 25, 2006
Label Geneon Entertainment
Catalog Number GNCA-1059
Shakugan no Shana Original Soundtrack (灼眼のシャナ オリジナルサウンドトラック Shakugan no Shana Orijinarusaundotorakku?) is a soundtrack album containing the background music as well as the theme songs from the first season of the anime adaptation of Shakugan no Shana. The soundtrack is 49 minutes and 40 seconds long and achieved #158 in the Oricon Weekly Singles charts.

Track list Edit

# Track Name Length Preview
01 Shana 3:10
02 Confusion 2:07
03 La pensee ce qui est faible Feeble thoughts 2:07
04 Amusement de personne idiote A foolish person's amusement 2:03
05 Il se reunit au demon He is reunited with the Demon 2:16
06 Paysage d'e l'accummulation de jour Landscape of days past 2:21
07 Faisceau sautant Dancing light 2:00
08 Danse des fee Dance of the fairies 2:28
09 Matin calme Calm morning 2:22
10 Debut d'un jour Start of the day 2:11
11 Verite Truth 2:05
12 Crochet d'oeil Eye of the hook 0:09
13 Deformation 0:08
14 Innocent 2:06
15 L'absolu decedent One whose death is certain 2:12
16 Bataille Battle 2:06
17 Comprehension 2:26
18 Vanite Vanity 2:16
19 Destruction 1:39
20 Poursuite Pursuit 1:40
21 Mysterieux Mysterious 2:39
22 Serieux Serious 1:44
23 Reveil Rise 2:02
24 Hishoku no Sora ~TV SIZE~ 緋色の空 〜テレビサイズ〜 1:33
25 Yoake Umarekuru Shōjo ~TV SIZE~ 夜明け生まれ来る少女 〜テレビサイズ〜 1:50

Notes Edit


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