Shakugan no Shana S Episode 03
Overture (Part 1)
S ep 3
Name in Japanese オーバーチュア 前編
Rōmaji Translation Ōbāchua Zenpen
Adapted From Shakugan no Shana 0 -zero-
Release Date 25 June 2010
Production Staff
Screenplay Yasuko Kobayashi
Storyboard Takashi Watanabe
Episode Director Masato Jinbo
Episode Navigation
Previous Shakugan no Shana S Episode 02
Next Shakugan no Shana S Episode 04
Theme Songs
Opening Prophecy by Kawada Mami
Insert None
Ending All in Good Time by Kawada Mami

Overture (Part 1) (オーバーチュア 前編 Ōbāchua Zenpen?) is the third episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana S. Taking place prior to the start of the Shakugan no Shana series, Shana travels to a city in search of a Denizen who steals humans to complete his form. In her pursuit, she takes the identity of a Torch and lives the life of a person who no longer existed...


Junko seeing girl

The girl seeing the Flame Haze

Beyond the busy streets of Yosegi City, a girl strolls around and finds herself admiring the scenery for a few moments, leaving soon after. She remembers meeting up with someone named Hamaguchi. All of a sudden, a girl appears in front of her way, she is a girl clad in black with her cape swaying in the wind. The mysterious girl introduces herself to be the Flame Haze of the Nietono no Shana and she proceeds with her approach. The Flame Haze then tells her of the other girl's true fate that she has been consumed by a Crimson Denizen and is now a Torch, a replacement for a departed soul's remnants. Without any delay, the Flame Haze reaches to the frightened girl's chest, and in an instant, the girl is no more and in her place, a small blue flame dances on the palm of the Flame Haze.

Meanwhile, on the Ōgami Residence, a woman busies herself with gardening when she hears the door to her house open. Upon checking who has arrived, she notices that it was her daughter Junko, who appears to look like the Flame Haze from earlier. As it turns out, it is the Flame Haze herself, claiming the existence of the girl from earlier (who is actually the Torch of a girl named Junko Ōgami) as a disguise. She then communicates with her necklace where a Crimson Lord named Alastor is stored, and contemplates on her current situation. As of that moment, she is to maintain Junko Ōgami's bonds with her family, especially her mother, which the Flame Haze admits to be a bothersome part of her mission... to track down a certain Denizen.

Using Junko's existence, she investigates her usual flow of life inside the house and goes to check on that day's newspaper for more facts. In Junko's room, she discovers intriguing information: a mysterious man who has been missing for 10 years in New York suddenly reappears in Yosegi City. And the Flame Haze is surprised at how much attention the man receives, for a Torch. However, her time to investigate becomes cut off when Junko's father arrives and dinnertime approaches. The Flame Haze sits down with "her father" and it is there that she discovers that Junko had some problems with her mother beforehand, particularly with her ties with a certain Hamaguchi. The conversation, however, is interrupted when Junko's mother arrives with the night's dinner hot pot. At that moment, the Flame Haze remembers a distant memory of her being taken care of by a woman in a maid's outfit and smiles.

After dinner, she talks with Alastor once again, analyzing about their next step after gaining information from her parents. Although they haven't found any useful facts to link Junko to a Denizen, one link stands out - one with Yukio Hamaguchi. Soon, Junko's mother goes to check up on her, but ends up walking away from her room. The Flame Haze senses her presence and Alastor deducts that the fight Junko had with her mother is burdening her conscience. However, she decides to not do anything about it, as she knows the fact that Junko no longer exists and anything that would be done would only be futile.

Yukio dragged flame haze

Yukio being dragged out of school by the new Junko

The next day, the Flame Haze goes to the school where Junko studied and upon entering Class 2-3's room, she tries to familiarize herself with the environment, and when Yukio Hamaguchi arrives, Junko's friends watch as she drags him out of the school grounds. After some time running, the Flame Haze plans on a direct plan to extract facts from Yukio but it turns out to be more difficult than expected. However, his mention of Jōshi Park as their meeting place three days ago gave her a lead, as it was the sighting place of the mysterious Torch. Soon, she asks more about Junko, he then tells her that he last saw her at Jōshi Park blankly staring at the lake.

She begins to piece together the clues, and finds out that three days ago, Junko Ōgami was devoured by a Denizen at Jōshi Park and became a Torch. Meanwhile, Junko's mother prepares a surprise for her daughter; heading home with a cake from a nearby pastry shop and continues with her usual chores at home. Upon leaving Yukio and heading home, the Flame Haze discusses with Alastor about what she discovered and is baffled as to how the Denizen reacts, leaving out Yukio and consuming Junko. She then arrives at home and is welcomed by Junko's mother. Inside, she is treated with the cake "her mother" brought home, and is commented to be "a child inside" while she eats her cake.

Soon, "her mother" talks more about Junko, her being scared of many things and hiding on her sheets when she feels fear. She also tells herself that she can be lonely as well, like how Junko was left lonely some time ago. The Flame Haze, however, knows that she won't be lonely, since Junko has long since gone, and painful as it might sound, it's how the world works. Her mother then gives her a small cloth bag and inside is a bracelet made out of bright-colored stones. She tells her that she tried to piece together the bracelet after she accidentally broke Junko's in their argument, and ends up with one stone short. The Flame Haze knew of everything since she has Junko's memories and smiles. At that time, she realizes that things are different when she wears another person's shoes. Meanwhile, a mysterious shadow watches...

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* denotes if the character debuts in this episode

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  • Yosegi City
  • Ōgami Residence
  • Junko's school
  • Jōshi Park




  • With respect to the story, the name "Shana" will not be mentioned here despite the fact that she is the mentioned Flame Haze. At the time of the story, Shana has not met Yuji, and thus, still refers to herself as the "Flame Haze of the Nietono no Shana", or in this summary, simply "Flame Haze".
  • Misaki City and Yosegi City are in close proximity.


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Animation TriviaEdit

  • Starting this episode, the characters' eyes are painted in more detail.



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