Shakugan no Shana Second Episode 18
The Intricate Yuji
Second ep 18
Name in Japanese 錯綜の悠二
Rōmaji Translation Sakusō no Yūji
Release Date February 15, 2008
Production Staff
Screenplay Yasuko Kobayashi
Storyboard Takashi Watanabe
Episode Director Masato Jinbo
Episode Navigation
Previous Shakugan no Shana Second Episode 17
Next Shakugan no Shana Second Episode 19
Theme Songs
Opening Blaze by KOTOKO
Insert None
Ending Sociometry by KOTOKO

The Intricate Yuji (錯綜の悠二 Sakusō no Yūji?) is the eighteenth episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana Second.


Zarovee profile

Zarovee on the phone

At night, Zarovee is at a railway, talking with Bifrons on a phone with bad reception. They talk about a reconnaissance plan. He is surprised when Bifrons appears behind him. Zarovee reveals their plan to take away the Mystes who is has a part of the Taimei Shihen (The Pslam of Grand Order) in the Reiji Maigo with care. Bifrons isn't worried about what can happen, which annoys him. Bifrons leaves and Zarovee follows.
Zarovee closeup

Zarovee annoyed by Bifrons' words

Yuji continues his training on a building with the help of Margery Daw, that is to use his silver flame, as if he was possessed by something. Shana is worried about Yuji because he requested her and Wilhelmina to ask Margery Daw to train him in order for him to use the Power of Unrestraint. When Shana asked about the reason of Yuji being a little different, Yuji answered saying maybe because of what happened in the Clear Autumn Festival.

Zarovee watching

Zarovee watching Yuji

When Yuji gets home, he found out that his mother fall sick. Shana and Kazumi is concerned about Chigusa who suddenly gets ill. After school, Shana immediately runs to Yuji's house to visit Chiigusa but Kazumi hesitated to go. Later, Kazumi go to buy materials to prepare food for him after Ike advised her. On that same day, Zarovee appears in Misaki City.

The next day, in Misaki City, Shana and Kazumi goes to Yuji's house. Kazumi took the food she prepared for him while Shana took a bag traditional medicine that Wilhelmina prepared and requested her to Chigusa. Both of them were angry at Yuji and run away from Yuji's home because of his word to Kazumi. When Yuji goes out from home alone, Zarovee watches over Yuji. At the hill near the river, he appears in front of Yuji, and uses his powers to surround of duplication to surround him.

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  • In this episode, it is shown that Shana hides herself and listen to Yuji and Kazumi's conversion because Kazumi reaches Yuji house first.
  • Matake invited Eita, who is still having traumas about Matake being attacked by Margery, out to pick clothes that suites her in this episode.


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