Shakugan no Shana Second ~Seireiden no Tatakai~ (灼眼のシャナII 〜星黎殿の戦い〜?, Shakugan no Shana II ~Battle at Seireiden~) is a moblie application action game developed by Taito. Unlike its predecessor, ~Enpatsu Shakugan no Uchite~, it is based on the events of the anime.[1] It also features artwork from the light novels and anime. The game was only available between April and May 2007 due to it being sold out.


SnT Shana fighting Hecate

Shana fighting Hecate

The characters from ~Enpatsu Shakugan no Uchite~ return. Hecate and Swimsuit Shana were added due to popular demand from the previous game.[2] Bel Peol was also added. The game marks the first time Hecate has been animated in battle, as there was a lack of her fighting in the first season of the anime.





Elements of the games Story Mode, Battle Mode, Power System are similar to the previous game, though there is an increase in the amount of characters available for play in the two modes. The quality of gameplay has also increased.

SnT Hecate Yuji conversation story mode

Hecate talking to Yūji in Story Mode

Story Mode is possible with characters other than Shana and has double the amount of possible enemies from the previous game. The enemies the player faces also appear in varying numbers, not in the same ratio throughout like the previous game. With more characters, players can relive the battles of the anime series. The length of the Story Mode campaign is more than double as long as the previous game.

SnT Bel Peol fighting Margery

Bel Peol versus Margery

In Battle Mode, more characters are available. Like the previous game, players can level up their selected character's Power Statistics with points after clearing stages.

In addition, players can response to requests from other users in Japan and play against them.

There is also a substantial amount of bonus stages in the game, which use Noizi Itō's illustrations.


Like its predecessor, ~Seireiden no Tatakai~ has three versions for different mobile services, all offered by Taito.





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