Sovereign's Game (君主の遊戯 Kunshu no Yūgi?) is the name of an agreement among Crimson Denizen's organizations to wage wars against each others using humans as pawns. This proxy war "games" occurred in Europe ever since Medieval period, up until the middle of 19th century when they were exposed to Outlaw by a certain group of Denizens and utterly destroyed.


The Judge, Players and AvengerEdit

As Denizens do not need a bloodshed among their own kind, Sovereign's Game is created as a game so neither sides will have to die. It is participated by many Denizen organizations, with their leaders referred to as Players (遊戯者 (プレイヤー) Pureiyā (Yūgisha)?). The Judge of this game is Bel Peol, who also participates as a Player, with Stolas doing the conclusion of agreements among organizations.

Each organizations will manipulate their respective sovereign as a pawn to start a war against opposing enemies. The organization that dominates the biggest area is to be considered the strongest group. Named participant includes Gogmagog, who leads her organization Minack in France's northern territory.

It is undisclosed how many historically known wars are actually things set up by Crimson Denizens. One of them is presumably the Hussite Wars, the war Samuel Demantius once fought as a soldier prior to his birth as a Flame Haze. On the verge of death, he is told of the proxy war and Bel Peol who is behind it, leading to his agreement to make a contract with Zirnitra. Since that time, Samuel is fixated on avenging Bel Peol for his comrades' death and a meaningless war they were dragged into.

Great WarEdit

Prior to the Great War around 16th century, Bel Peol has formulated a plan to use Players' force to besiege newly formed Flame Haze Army in order to wipe Flame Haze away. However, the annihilation of six Players and their respective organizations in Northern Europe by Mathilde Saint-Omer and Wilhelmina Carmel prematurely thwarts this plan. Later on, fearing that Minack will help Töten Glocke, Sophie Sawallisch sends the two Flame Haze to destroy it, resulting in Gogmagog and his organization's destruction.

Although the Great War ends with Asiz's defeat, Sovereign's Game still exists and wars still breaks out. It is not until the middle of 19th century that a major incident occurred which eventually leads to its complete abolition.


In 1862, a year before Flame Haze's Civil War breaks out, the truce conference among Player's representatives is held at the old castle in Austria. As it is a peaceful conference, they are almost defenseless against an ambush by a group of Crimson Lords, referring to themselves as Révolution, who steal their confidential information and Treasure Tools away. This event is later referred as the Contract Breach Incident (破約事件 Hayaku Jiken?).

With information leaked, Player's whereabouts are exposed on human's newspapers. Outlaw that has been searching for the cause of many wars in the past use the information to locate and attack them. On their initial attacks, Outlaw is victorious; Flame Haze succeed in destroying many organizations, even though they lack of personnel as many of them are sent to the America to fight against the Four Gods of Earth. In dire straits, Crimson Denizens' retaliatory attacks severely damages many weakened Outlaw bases.

Many great organizations fall into chaos and annihilated because they cannot assemble themselves to fight their true invisible enemies, a group of eccentric Crimson Denizens who wish to expose their existence to humans. Thus, the Sovereign's Game is dissoluted at the hand of Outlaw. Later on, Outlaw have to reestablish their headquarters after the loss and commence the war against Révolution which spans for a hundred of years until its destruction.




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