Statue of Pride
Statue of Pride
Name in English (Anime)Effigy of Pride
Name in Japanese敖の立像
Rōmaji TranslationGō no Ritsuzō

The Statue of Pride (敖の立像 Gō no Ritsuzō?) is a creation of the Crimson Lord Dantalion which consists of a giant statue powered by the Reiji Maigo. It only appears in the second season of the anime series.


The Statue of Pride was created out of the remains of the Misaki City Clock Tower and is summoned on Christmas Eve on the Town Square. The primary controls for the Statue of Pride is held by Hecate, while Dantalion toils to maintain the stability of the creature.

With the combined efforts of Yuji, Shana, Margery, Wilhelmina and the others, its development was interrupted and it later revealed the inherent flaw that came from Hecate's synchronization with Yuji and the Reiji Maigo.


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