Stigma (スティグマ Sutiguma?) is the Unrestricted Spell that "Destructive Blade" Sabrac is famous for. It causes all injuries caused by Sabrac's attacks to enlarge in size over time, ensuring most of his battles to sway in his favor.

Margery Daw attempts with many different Unrestricted Spells to heal the wounds caused by Stigma to no avail, and it has only ever been countered and healed by Wilhelmina Carmel using Johann's Stigma-breaking Insignia (スティグマ破りの自在式 Sutiguma-yaburi no Jizai-shiki?), an insignia designed specifically for that purpose.


Johann created a counter spell which breaks Stigma's effect and leads to Sabrac's defeat at Misaki City. After that battle, Sabrac refines the spell and names it "Stigmata" (スティグマータ Sutigumāta?). Stigmata is a more powerful version of Stigma that is no longer susceptible to the Stigma-breaking Insignia.


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