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Töten Glocke

Töten Glocke

Töten Glocke (とむらいの鐘 (トーテン・グロッケ) Tomurai no Kane (Tōten Gurokke?, Japanese and German for "Death Knell") is the Crimson Denizen organization composed of its leader "Weaver of Coffins" Asiz and the nine Crimson Lords under the name of the Nine Eternal Divine Scales. They are powerful Lords who controlled part of Europe in the Middle Ages, with great armies of Crimson Denizens under their command, and are one of the strongest forces of their time, rivaling that of Bal Masqué.



Eight of nine members of the Nine Eternal Divine Scales, excluding Huwawa

The Nine Eternal Divine Scales (九垓天秤 Kugaitenbin?) are nine powerful Lords who serve under Asiz and the Töten Glocke as an Inner Circle: Molech, Merihim, Illuyanka, Jarri, Chernobog, Ullikummi, Sokar, Ninurta, Huwawa.

Known MembersEdit


Crimson Denizen army of Töten Glocke

Nine Eternal Divine ScalesEdit

  • Molech (Chief-in-charge and Strategist)
  • Chernobog (Assassin, Stealth Ops Commander)
  • Ullikummi (Front Line Army General)
  • Sokar (Front Line Army General)
  • Ninurta (Middle Line Commander-in-chief)
  • Huwawa (Reserved Army Commander-in-chief)
  • Jarri (Scout)

Pair of WingsEdit



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