Takayo Saitō
Takayo Saitou
Name in Japanese 斉藤隆代
Rōmaji Translation Saitō Takayo
Debut (Anime) Shakugan no Shana S Episode 03
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 0
Appears in Light Novels, OVA series
Voice Actor (Japanese) Mariya Ise
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 16-17
Class Human

Takayo Saitō (斉藤隆代 Saitō Takayo?) is one of Junko Ōgami's classmates.


Takayo has short, straight black hair that comes down to her neck, with a fringe that finishes above her eyes. She has blue eyes and a light complexion.


Takayo is described as having an ordinary personality.



Note: Events occurring in Overture take place before the events of the main series.


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