Bifrons tarnkappe
Name in Japaneseタルンカッペ
Rōmaji TranslationTarunkappe
Debut (Anime)Shakugan no Shana Second Episode 18
Appears InAnime, Manga
CreatorsBifrons (?)
Known UsersBifrons
Technical Details

Tarnkappe (タルンカッペ Tarunkappe?) is a Treasure Tool owned by Bifrons.


It is in the shape of a long black cape which covers Bifrons' slender body.


It allows the user to move without being detected by Flame Haze or other Crimson Denizen (even Zarovee who coordinates a mission with him couldn't notice his arrival). The user's movement will be slower than usual, putting them at a disadvantage if discovered by the naked eye.


  • The name Tarnkappe is the German word for "camouflage cape".
  • Tarnkappe is a magical cloak owned by the legendary Norse hero Sigurd, which could make the wearer invisible.


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