Tartaros (タルタロス Tarutarosu?) is Bel Peol's primary Treasure Tool in the form of a length of chain. It has the ability to store an army of Rinne inside which is very convenient when going on battle. It is also able to deny the cause and effect of any thing it binds, allowing it to seal off Flame Haze abilities. Bel Peol used it to seal Shana's ability when she was captured and taken to Seireiden. It is one of the three instruments for the Grand Order.




  • Tartaros, or Tartarus, is a location from Greek mythology. It is an area of the underworld and is described as a pit of torment and punishment. The name is also used for a Greek deity.[1]
  • In the game Shakugan no Shana Fūzetsu Battle, Tartaros is the only one of the three instruments of the Grand Order to be of ★4 rarity, whereas Trigon and Shintetsu Nyoi are both ★5.



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