Speech of Conveying
Name in Japanese達意の言
Rōmaji TranslationTatsui no Gen
Debut (Light Novel)Volume III
Appears InLight Novels
Known UsersVarious
Technical Details

Tatsui no Gen (達意の言?, Speech of Conveying) is a Power of Unrestraint commonly used between Crimson Denizens and Flame Haze to translate their speech when they speak to each other or to human beings. It is activated when the user wills their speech to be translated.


Even when correctly used, the spell can be a bit discomforting, but when applied along with their ability to Humanize, Denizens are able to perfectly assimilate into human society. The Denizens are capable of watching television and talking on the phone without much difficulty. When one uses it, the voice itself which has an uncomfortable feeling which cannot be completely concealed. It becomes a voice which is as if one cannot feel the flow of air through the throat.

Tatsui no Gen can also be applied as a dictionary. When Sydonay was listening to Tiriel talking about her Treasure Tool, Orgel, he used Tatsui no Gen to understand the meaning of the word as "music box".

When Yūji Sakai begins practicing the use of Tatsui no Gen at Seireiden, he reads a book written by Révolution and figures out that the spell allows the user to read as well as speak.[1]



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