Heaven's-Road Palace
Name in EnglishPalace of Heaven's Road (Anime, Manga)
Name in Japanese天道宮
Rōmaji TranslationTendōkyū
Appears InAnime, Manga, Light Novels
Known UsersGavida, Alastor, Wilhelmina Carmel, Merihim, Shana
Technical Details
Related Treasure ToolsSeireiden
Triggers Unrestricted Spells


Tendōkyū (天道宮?) is a massive Treasure Tool in the form of a floating landmass with a large palace constructed on it. It was used by its creator Gavida as his personal quarters until his death, and was then used to house "Flame of Heaven" Alastor, Wilhelmina Carmel and Merihim on their search for the next "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter".


X1 Seireiden and Tendoukyuu

The link that connect the twin fortresses

It has a unique feature: to appear in eternal daytime as opposed to the characteristic of Seireiden, which displays perpetual nighttime. Mathilde and Wilhemina inherited it from Gavida after the latter's death. The two have the knowledge of how Tendokyu can create a passage when it comes close to Seireiden thus making a secret link, for the two Treasure Tools were intended to be pairs.

Like its counterpart Seireiden, it has a cloaking ability called Crypta that makes it invisible to detection by any means. However an accidental blast by Merihim shattered the Crypta, revealing Tendōkyū's location to Bal Masque. The subsequent battle caused the palace to sink into the ocean for the second time. However, years later Wilhelmina Carmel was able to raise it back into the sky to use it to secretly invade Seireiden during the Second Great War.

During the opening battle, the fortress's Crypta was used to hide the retreating Flame Haze from being massacred by the victorious Crimson Denizen army.

Later, after Xanadu is created, Wilhelmina, along with 1,225 other Flame Haze who wished to leave, traveled with it through the portal into the new world.


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