Heaven Destruction Earth Break
Tenpa Josai
Name in Japanese天破壌砕
Rōmaji TranslationTenpa Jōsai
Debut (Anime)Shakugan no Shana Episode 24
Debut (Light Novel)Volume V
Appears InAnime, Light Novels
Affiliated to Crimson GodAlastor
Known UsersMathilde Saint-Omer, Shana
Technical Details
ClassificationDivine Summoning
Required SacrificeThe life of the ritual performer
Effects caused by Divine SummonManifestation of Alastor

Tenpa Jōsai (天破壌砕?, Heaven Destruction Earth Break) is a secret technique inherited by Flame Haze of the title "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter". Together with the God of Creation's Saiki Reisō and God of Guidance's Shōhi Ginsei, these spells are known as the Divine Summoning.


The Flame Haze who makes a contract with Alastor uses this spell to perform a ceremony to summon the God of Retribution into this world. It is almost certain that anyone who perform the ceremony will die from the burden of Alastor's manifested power.

It should be noted that there are many differences between the novel and anime's Tenpa Jōsai.

Tenpa Jōsai in the NovelEdit

In the novel, Mathilde Saint-Omer is the only Flame Haze who performs the Tenpa Jōsai during the Great War which results in her death. Alastor was successfully summoned through the ceremony, using Jarri as a sacrifice, and ended the war by incinerating Asiz after a short battle. The procedure of the ceremony is completely explained in volume 10:

  • Firstly, the ritual performer, while chanting the ritual prayer, chooses a Crimson Denizen to be an offering for the ceremony.
  • The surrounding area is then dyed in crimson; this is known as the Crimson Curtain (紅蓮の帳 Guren no Tobari?).
  • A shadow will spread out from the chosen Denizen and consume that Denizen, becoming the source of power, or "Heart", to summon the God of Retribution.
  • The ritual performer will suffer from the burden and die during the ceremony.

If he is summoned through this procedure, an enormous Power of Existence is unnecessary for his manifestation and Alastor is free to use his providential power.

Shana once threatened the Snake of the Festival that she would perform the Tenpa Jōsai should he kill Yūji, but in the end, she does not perform the ceremony.

Tenpa Jōsai in the AnimeEdit

In the anime's first season, by using up an enormous amount of Power of Existence, Alastor materializes in the living world, causing widespread damage in a large area. Shana manages to survive using this spell because of the amount of Power of Existence she can carry, unlike her predecessor Mathilde.


  • The ceremony's name is the usage of the God's true names: Tenpa sai from Alastor's name, Tenjō no Gōka (Flame of Heaven and Earth).


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