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"The Silver"
The Silver
Name in Japanese
Rōmaji Translation Gin
Debut (Anime) Shakugan no Shana Episode 08 (mentioned)
Appears in Anime, Light Novels
Personal Info
Class Crimson Realm-based Manifestation
Title Tyrant I (sealed within Reiji Maigo)
Tyrant II
Affiliation/s Bal Masqué
Color of Flame Silver

The Silver ( Gin?) is an artificial being created by the Crimson Lord Dantalion. It was supposed to act as the vessel prepared for the Snake of the Festival, but was later abandoned after Yūji Sakai's agreement to merge with the Snake of the Festival.


It comes in the form of a living suit of silver armor, with numerous eyes that can be seen from the armor's eyeholes.


The Silver has no personality, simply manifesting, with no will of its own, to the location of people with strong emotions, and do what they themselves desire to do, such as killing the people that Margery Daw expressed murderous intent towards.


The existence of the Silver traces back to the Middle Ages, encountering a woman named Margery Daw in the middle of a massacre it committed. This event triggered Margery to take up the role of the Flame Haze of Marchosias.

There are actually 2 Silvers: Tyrant I, which encountered Margery Daw, and Tyrant II, which was used as a heart for the Statue of Pride.

Tyrant I was sealed into the Reiji Maigo by Sabrac and, after a long period of dormancy, was released by accident by the Crimson Lord Pheles in her desperate search of her lover Johann.


Within the period prior to the discovery of the Silver's existence, it contributed partly in Yūji's development, allowing Yūji to manifest the silver flame (that is originally the Silver's).

Dantalion later initializes the preparation for the "Statue of Pride", an enlarged version of the Silver, but the plans to fully manifest the "Statue of Pride" was interrupted before it could be stabilized.

It is later revealed by Yūji after he contracted with the Snake of the Festival that The Silver Margery saw was a projection of her feelings, doing what the person it was gathering fragments from desired. This truth almost made Margery dissolve her contract with Marchosias.


Margery DawEdit

Margery Daw hates the Silver, as it killed the people she wanted to kill, later being her sole motivation to become a Flame Haze. She would only later, hundreds of years later, learn that since the Silver was simply doing what she wanted to do, she couldn't blame it for anything.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Unrestricted Spell (Absorption): This Unrestricted Spell allows the Silver to gain fragments for itself from people with strong emotions.

Flame Manifestation: The Silver was shown to be able to manifest its flames in the form of a two-handed axe, used to fight Shana and Yūji in the Statue of Pride.









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