Name in Japanese ティス
Rōmaji Translation Tisu
Debut (Anime) Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 23 (cameo)
Debut (Light Novel) Volume X
Appears in Light Novels
Personal Info
Gender Female
Class Flame Haze
Title "Weaver of Coffins"
Contracted to Asiz
Contractor's True Name"Abyssal Ring"
Affiliation/s Flame Haze
Color of Flame Blue
Status Deceased

Tis (ティス Tisu?) is the Flame Haze contracted to Asiz, the Crimson Lord who, after her death, becomes Töten Glocke's leader. Her title is "Weaver of Coffins" (棺の織手 Hitsugi no Orite?) and her color of flame is blue. Tis is the first and only contractor ever made contracted with him.


Tis has long blue hair and she wears a translucent dress with a bluish cape. She also wears a golden circlet which acts as the vessel for Asiz.


Tis is a strong-willed person who also has a childish personality. Later, she developed an affection towards Asiz and once told him she would be happy if she is able to live and have children with him. After Tis' death, this becomes Asiz's motivation to engage battles with his former allies in order to fulfill her wish.


Tis Death

Death of Tis by human hands

She once holds the title of the oldest surviving Flame Haze. Believing Asiz is the angel sent to destroy the Denizens who break into the world, she heartily made a contract with him. She leads other Flame Haze into many battles and destroys a large number of the Crimson Denizen's organizations in the past. The most renowned one she participated is the battle against the God of Creation in the Ancient War. She is referred by Khamsin as "The Maiden Wearing a Golden Circlet" (金環頂く乙女 kinkan itadaku otome?).

Eventually, after the battle with Denizens which left her very exhausted, Tis is betrayed and assassinated by humans she protects. Detesting humans for killing his beloved contractor, Asiz devours them and manifests himself into this world. He then starts searching for the way to revive Tis or, at least, fulfill her wish. As she is Asiz's sole motivation to engage his Grand Scheme (壮挙 Sōkyo?), it leads to the formation of the first Flame Haze Army recruited from all over the world to stop his ambition. His plan is finally crushed down by Mathilde Saint-Omer, the Flame Haze of Alastor by summoning him into battle. Tis' body kept inside the Pure Coffin is destroyed by Alastor and Asiz is incinerated shortly after her, thus ending the Great War.





Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Tis' body preserved inside the "Pure Coffin"

Tis' ability is called the Pure Coffin (清なる棺 Seinaru Hitsugi?). Creating a blue gem-like isolated dimension, everything confined inside the Pure Coffin is cut from cause and effect outside, similar to the Seal, which is yet to be created. The size of the space created by Pure Coffin can also be adjustable and could be used to imprison enemies or protect herself at will. When she uses this ability, the golden circlet floats over her head, glowing like a halo and pairs of wings appear on her back. After Tis' death, Asiz materializes himself into the world and used this Power of Unrestraint to preserve her body to fulfill her wish to have a child.









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