Trigger Happy
Trigger Happy
Name in Japaneseトリガーハッピー
Rōmaji TranslationTorigāhappī
Appears InAnime, Light Novels, Manga
CreatorsFriagne, Billy Hawken
Known UsersFriagne
Technical Details

Trigger Happy (トリガーハッピー Torigāhappī?) is revolver-shaped Treasure Tool that belongs to Friagne's large collection of Treasure Tools.


Trigger Happy was created during the Flame Haze's Civil War, by Friagne and a human named Billy Hawken, who harbored a hatred for Flame Haze because they destroyed his village. In the end, Billy Hawken was severely injured while getting his revenge. His desire to kill overlapped with Friagne's, resulting in the materialization of the Treasure Tool, which he named it Trigger Happy before dying.

Friagne used the revolver effectively with the assistance from his army of Rinne and other Treasure Tools. He killed many Flame Haze since that time, earning himself the nickname Flame Haze Killer (フレイムヘイズ殺し Fureimuheizu-goroshi?). When his plan to make his beloved doll, Marianne, a solid individual failed, he pointed his gun at Shana and shot her. Alastor was forced out off her to materialized into human world. But unlike Friagne's previous preys, Shana did not perish and he was incinerated by Alastor's flame. Trigger Happy is presumed destroyed with its wielder in the progress.


Trigger Happy does not shoot or requires any projectiles; the only condition is the wielder's desire to fire it. Rather it is a "blank" anti-Flame Haze gun.

When the gun is pointed at a Flame Haze and the trigger pulled, it destroys the target Flame Haze's Vessel, thus releasing their Crimson Lord from their hibernation state. As most Flame Haze are unable to contain the massive Power of Existence that their Lord normally has, they then literally break, explode and perish.

Shana is the only Flame Haze who does not break after getting shot by Trigger Happy, as she is the Great One, a rare human who possesses exceptional "vessel capacity" big enough to hold a massive entity like Crimson Lord during their awaken state.





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