Name in Japaneseトリヴィア
Rōmaji TranslationTorivuia
Appears InAnime, Light Novels
Known UsersFecor, Bel Peol
Technical Details

Trivia (トリヴィア Torivuia?) is a Treasure Tool used by Bal Masqué in Seireiden. Fecor is a frequent user of this Treasure Tool.


It looks like a torch that is used in the Olympic Games and other sporting events. It seems to hold a fire that will never quench.


Trivia is a Treasure Tool used to control Silver Sand Corridor (銀沙回廊 Ginsa Kairō?), the mechanism that manipulates dimensions in Seireiden, connecting places regardless of their distance; it is used mainly to allow communication throughout the various areas of Seireiden. When holding it, the wielder is masked with the same abilitiy as Crypta; Fecor uses it to hide his immense power as a Crimson Lord and disguises himself as the keeper of Seireiden without being noticed by the other members.


After Fecor's death, it was passed to Mammon and eventually transferred to Bel Peol when she and the God of Creation departed to Xanadu.



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