"I will turn you into a commemorative stone and put it on my mantle."
— Ukobach to the Flaming-Haired, Burning Eyed Hunter

Ukobach (ウコバク Ukobaku?) is the Crimson Denizen who seeks the perfect form for himself to manifest into the world by capturing people and locking them inside bubbles with his Treasure Tool. As he is still searching for it, his physical form isn't entirely complete and has a partial human-shaped form. His true name is "Playful Collector" (纏玩 Tengan?).



Ukobach's cameo after the end credits of Overture Part 1

Ukobach is like a black mass of energy that is slightly human-shaped. He hides in the bubbles produced by his Treasure Tool, Atalante, so only his bright red eyes and leering mouth are visible.


Ukobach always drives an invisible truck to capture humans whenever he can to find his perfect physical form. He also always has his precious Treasure Tool - Atalante with him to help fulfil his selfish dreams and to aid him in manifesting into this world. He has a habit of taking photos of people he's captured because he likes their appearances.


Ukobach photographer

Ukobach as the photographer

Ukobach has an ambition to search for the most perfect form for him to manifest himself into the world by capturing people. To fulfil his ambition, Ukobach captured people and locked them inside bubbles with his Treasure Tool Atalante. The man who appeared after 10 years was also his prey. Ukobach found him too old, made him a Torch and threw him out. He takes on the appearance of a strange photographer and approaches Yukio Hamaguchi with his assistant, asking if he can take some photos of him. He flatters him, getting him to say yes. After a short photo session, the photographer requests Yukio to meet him again in better-looking clothing; Yukio agrees for Saturday, and the photographer leaves. Ukobach devoured Junko Ōgami, who tried to get in his way.[1]



Note: Events occurring in Overture take place before the events of the main series.

Ukobach Yukio

Ukobach with the picture of Yukio

At Jōshi Park, Ukobach abducts Yukio Hamaguchi, leaving behind a trail of fire. The Flaming-Haired, Burning Eyed Hunter is able to follow it to a truck that was being driven by the assistant. When the Flame Haze enters the back of the truck, Ukobach activates a Fūzetsu, making the truck invisible to the outside. He is able to identify the Flame Haze and Alastor, then introduces himself. He explains his plan of taking pictures of people and choosing the best one as his new appearance. The girl calls him 'weak', making him shrink back. The girl claims that Ukobach isn't strong enough to keep his new form, and he knows it. After being criticized further, Ukobach brings out Atalante, blowing bubbles at the girl. They are repelled. When he is asked to return to the Crimson Realm, Ukobach shows the Flame Haze a picture of Yukio. When the girl advances, he squeezes the bubble. He uses all of the bubbles as a shield and blows at the girl. This doesn't work, when Ukobach's arm and Atalante get chopped off. The girl stabs him in the head, killing him. The assistant turns into blue flames then also disappears.[1]



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Unrestricted SpellsEdit

Fūzetsu (封絶?, Seal, lit. "Seal of Suppression"): Ukobach activates his Fūzetsu when the "Flaming-Haired, Burning Eyed Hunter" enters his truck.[1]

Treasure ToolsEdit

Atalante (アタランテ Atarante?): Ukobach's Treasure Tool, Atalante, is able to trap people in bubbles. When he blows in it with an amount of the Power of Existence it creates bubbles which can detain humans inside. The humans captured by Atalante will be shrunk into a smaller size for Ukobach's convenience. The captured humans can't move or think and don't need to eat, but age normally as time passes.


Ukobach uses a Rinne of his own creation to assist him in his plan. It is humanoid and is able to act independently to some extent. When Ukobach confronts Yukio as a photographer, the Rinne acted as the assistant. Later, during Ukobach's fight with Shana in the truck, the Rinne was the driver.


  • (To the Flaming-Haired, Burning Eyed Hunter): "I will turn you into a commemorative stone and put it on my mantle."[1]





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