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An Unrestricted Spell Master (自在師 Jizaishi?) is someone who excels in the use of Power of Unrestraint. The criteria that allows someone to be known as a Master is not clearly defined, but individual Denizens and Flame Haze generally have some knowledge as to who is or isn't a Master and refer to them as such.

Unrestricted Spell Masters should be able to:

  • Use multiple Unrestricted Spells of a wide variety besides ones used to simply manifest.
  • Have substantial technique and knowledge of Unrestricted Spell insignias.
  • Manipulate complex, large-scale Unrestricted Spells.

List of MastersEdit

The following are regarded as Unrestricted Spell Masters.

Crimson DenizensEdit

  • "Weaver of Coffins" Asiz
  • "Spiral Organ" Leanan-sidhe
  • "Seeking Researcher" Dantalion
  • "Claw and Fangs of Violation" Marchosias
  • "One-Indulged-in-Love-of-Others" Tiriel
  • "Commander of Thousand Conquests" Orgon
  • "Fragment of Aerial Blossom" Alraune
  • "Clear Eyes of Distant Conquest" Sarachael
  • "Clothes of Dimmed Light" Leraje
  • "Officer of Boundless Seas" Decarabia
  • "Cup of Corrupting Indulgence" Pirsoyn
  • "Shell of Deep Concealment" Gyūki
  • "Coachman of Palanquin Slaves" Para
  • "Descent of Earthly Rules" Zemyna

Flame HazeEdit



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