Vessels (神器 Jingi?, lit. "God's Vessel" or "Sacred Treasures") are special items used by Flame Haze's contracted Crimson Lords to express their will and talk to other people while their bodies reside within contractors' body. Also, these Crimson Lords can telepathically converse with their contractors without speaking. These items are entirely different from Treasure Tools as they are unique to a certain Crimson Lord and can only be possessed by Flame Haze. If the Vessel is damaged or destroyed, it can be repaired or recreated since the Crimson Lord reside in the contractor's body, not the Vessel itself. The unique ability of Vessels is that they can teleport themselves back to wherever their contractors are. There are likely two types of Vessels: those that are used as decorations and those that are used as weapons.


  • The name of the Vessel usually corresponds to the legend of the contracted Crimson Lord's earth name, but sometimes it relates to the contractor's place of origin before making a contract. 


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