Yamabe (ヤマベ Yamabe?) is a Japanese Flame Haze who participated in the Great War. His title is "Severer of Law" (理法の裁ち手 Rihō no Tachite?). He is described as the searcher of ultimate truth of things and is highly revered by Johann.


Yamabe's appearance is of a hard-faced man in his prime. He dresses like a Yamabushi, a mountain hermit and wears a Dokko, a single-pronged Vajra (Buddhist ritual implement) through his sash which is his Contracted Crimson LordŌyamakui's Vessel.


As a hermit, he always thinks deeply about everything. During the Great War, he showed great interest in Mathilde's way of thought: to be able to fight is a happiness.




He is ultimately killed by his nemesis, Ōnamuchi.


He is an acquaintance of Mathilde Saint-Omer, Sophie Sawallisch, and Clemens Rott.

He was looked up and praised by Yurī Chvojka along with Seere Habichtsburg and Chiara Toscana.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



  • (To Mathilde): "The thoughts of binding such kind of state with the conception of 'happiness'. Unique...or rather only you could have such thought."[1]





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