Yearning (ヤーニング Yāningu?) is one of the short stories from volume SII of the Shakugan no Shana light novel series. The story takes place two years before the first volume and is about Wilhelmina Carmel's encounter with the Engage Link: Pheles and Johann, in Central Asia. The Crimson Denizen organization called Hyakki Yakō, which is introduced in this story, will later play a large role in the main storyline. The first and second tracks of Shakugan no Shana F Superiority Shana III Vol. II were adapted from this story.


  • Chapter 1: Wilhelmina falls into disaster at Westland and A Chance Meeting with "Engage Link"
  • Chapter 2: Wilhelmina feels greatly troubled and "Night Parade of One Hundred Demons" managing the Way to Escape.
  • Chapter 3: Wilhelmina revolves in Grief and "Engage Link" dancing in Pleasure


The story starts with Hyakki Yakō's journey in the Central Asia. Crimson Denizens using their service are talking to each other, with one of them claiming that he killed the "Manipulator of Objects" with with his sword Scrape. They make a lousy commotion and are then stopped by Zemyna. The group talks about their scout, who they had lost contact with for a while.

Wilhelmina Carmel, who had stayed inside Tendōkyū for hundreds of years, recently accomplished the duty to train the Flaming-haired, Burning-Eyed Hunter's successor. She returns to Outlaw, meets her old friends, and is later asked by Pietro Monteverdi to search for, and destroy, the Crimson Denizen organization named Hyakki Yakō. Following a certain Denizen who ran away from her, Wilhelmina is caught in a trap of myriad flaming blades. Before losing conscious, she catches a glimpse of an amber-colored whirlwind rescuing her.

Wilhelmina wakes up with many wounds but gradually heals. She discovers that she has been saved by a pair of consisting of a man and a woman, whom she later learns are the famous Engage Link. At first, she doubts their intention of helping a Flame Haze, but later receives an answer that they feel guilty for letting her fall into a trap that was originally set for them. The trap was Sabrac's doing, as he was hired by a certain person to obtain the Reiji Maigo.

Meanwhile, Hyakki Yakō discovers the presence of a Flame Haze somewhere near them. Gyūki identifies her as Wilhelmina, much to their shock. As they are not Crimson Denizens who would fight the impossible, they decide to run away. They plan an escape route by using their pawns: the customers in their vehicles.

Wilhelmina stays with the Engage Link while recovering herself from wounds and knows that the reason they were hiding in Central Asia was so that Johann could finish his painting. She then leaves their residence but encounters the Crimson Denizen group that was asked by the Hyakki Yakō trio to fend off the Flame Haze (whose identity they did not know) and her rescuers. Wilhelmina engages her enemies and quickly disposes of them, including the one who boasted that he killed her during the Great War. She feels that she herself also made the Engage Link involved in all of this fighting, so she heads back to them.

The Hyakki Yakō and some of the customers engage the two without knowing their identities. They are shown the power of wind created by Pheles. The trio manages to avoid her attack and escape from the area. Wilhelmina comes back to them and decides to join them to protect them from others.





  • It is speculated that during the time this story takes place in, Mare was one of the passengers on the minivan but got off somewhere else before the fight begins, and met Sabrac later on.


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