"Why... am I holding this? Why...?"
— Yukio when seeing Junko's bracelet on his hand.

Yukio Hamaguchi (濱口幸雄 Hamaguchi Yukio?) is a second-year senior high school student from Yosegi City and was Junko Ōgami's boyfriend. His relation to Junko, who was consumed by a Crimson Denizen without his knowledge, would endanger his life until the Flame Haze of the Nietono no Shana's intervention.


Yukio is a fairly tall young man with straight brown hair in a few spikes. He has large, purple irises and a fair complexion.[1] He is known to be quite handsome, with Junko's friends commenting that Yukio is the 'hottest' guy in the class, as well as the cameraman he meets at Jōshi Park calling him 'beautiful'.[2]


Yukio is very caring, especially to Junko. He is bright and cheerful.


Yukio park Junko

Yukio with Junko at the park

One afternoon, Yukio asks Junko out, where she says yes. They hang out the next day at school. He asks her to go to Jōshi Park with him, which she also says yes to. They then talk about the bracelet he bought her. Three days before meeting the Flame Haze of the "Nietono no Shana", they go to Jōshi Park. At the park, they spend the rest of the day enjoying ice cream and looking around. As the afternoon turns to night, Yukio gets Junko's permission to take her to Jōshi Park regularly. Then, Yukio promises Junko that they will be together, and there, gives her a gentle kiss on the lips. At night time, Yukio meets up with Junko at the park. Junko leaves for the restroom while Yukio encounters a mysterious photographer who wishes to take his picture. Although he has worries at first, he finally agrees. After a short photo session, the photographer requests Yukio to meet him again in better-looking clothing; Yukio agrees for Saturday, and the photographer leaves. He later looks for Junko after she had disappeared and found her staring blankly at the lake.[1][2]



Note: Events occurring in Overture take place before the events of the main series.

Yukio dragged flame haze

Yukio being dragged out of school by the new Junko

Yukio arrives at school, and is greeted by the new Junko Ōgami, who is actually the Flame Haze of the "Nietono no Shana". She asks him if he is the one that knows Junko the best. The Flame Haze drags Yukio out of the school building. Later, while Yukio is resting after running, the new Junko asks for the details on what has been happening over the last few days. He asks if she had another fight, which confuses her. He gets embarrassed because he was thinking about what he did with Junko, mentioning Jōshi Park as their meeting place three days ago. He then tells her that he last saw her on Jōshi Park blankly staring at the lake.[1]

Yukio crying

Yukio in tears

On Saturday, Yukio meets the Flame Haze at the park. They start walking, with Yukio thinking of having the photographer take a picture of the both of them. He notices Junko thinking about something else, and asks if the trip was not interesting. She grabs his hand. Yukio feels relieved when she tells him she made up with her mother. They wait at a bench for the photographer, with Yukio going to get juice. Then, Yukio disappears, having been abducted by Ukobach. He later finds himself in a hospital bed among others at the park. He remembers nothing about being abducted, and only remembers Junko being with him. He sees the Flame Haze, who changes into the old Junko. She says farewell and disappears. Yukio wakes up again, with Junko's bracelet on his hand. Yukio finds himself in tears.[2]

Other AppearancesEdit

Anime AppearancesEdit

Shakugan no Shana-tanEdit

Yukio Shanatan

Yukio in Shana-tan

In the thirteenth episode, Yukio approaches Shana-tan at Jōshi Park. He acts in a 'cool' manner, sparkling as he asks her how her mother is and if she wanted to continue from where they left off the other day. When Shana-tan asks what they did the other day, Yukio whispers it to her ear, making her blush. He says it's nothing special. When Shana-tan argues with him, Yukio says to think about 'us', making her blush again. They then continue arguing.[3]


Junko ŌgamiEdit

Yukio loves and cares a lot for Junko. He cries when she says farewell to him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Yukio is a human, and thus has no special powers or abilities.


  • (When seeing the Junko's bracelet on his hand): "Why... am I holding this? Why...?"[2]


  • Like other human characters in the series, Yukio's name is a homage to Japanese politicians; he is named after Osachi Hamaguchi, the former Prime Minister of Japan.




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